Bible Study for All

When You Feel Too Small to Make a Difference

We’ll be hearing a lot from Acts this Easter season, and we are especially intrigued by the more underplayed characters that nonetheless play roles of great, though often quiet, significance! During this season of time apart, many of us have wrestled with our sense of purpose and passion for living, serving, and being of good use to God and others. We now look to the example of important (though lesser-known) members in the first century church to rekindle within us a sense of our own vocation, and an outward-focused, active love! God works in and through absolutely every skill-set and avenue, and nothing goes to waste! Through Acts, we will discover that it’s our adventure to discover how and where God is already working through and leading us!

ALL are invited to this online, interactive bible study with weekly videos by Pastors Paul and Rebecca, thoughtful discussion guides, and the opportunity to take the conversation deeper with a small group (either in-person or online – your group’s choice)! Links are provided below. Contact Kati Salmon to get connected to a small group. Or, use the materials to start a conversation at home!

Session 4: Simeon called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene, and Manean: An Unlikely Partnership for the Good of the Gospel
Session 4 Video Link>
Session 4 Discussion Guide Link>
Session 3: Rhoda: The Power of Persistent Prayer
Session 3 Video Link>
Session 3 Discussion Guide Link>
Session 2: Dionysius & Damaris: Belief is No Small Thing
Session 2 Video Link>
Session 2 Discussion Guide Link>
Session 1: Purpose & Passion in Your Everyday Ministry
Session 1 Video Link>
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May 12, 2021