Adult Community Learning

Imagining A Post-Covid Church

November 21 & December 5, 2021
10:40-11:40 am | Fellowship Hall 


In the past two years, much has changed about the world, and even about the ways we’re now used to being Church together. Yet so much of value remains! We’re now faced with the gift and challenge of relearning how to talk together again, process what we’ve been through, listen well, and then courageously LEAD.

You’re already part of it. And we invite you into this process of congregational discovery and renewal! 


Session 1 | November 21

From Where We Are to What’s Next: Moving Through Grief and Loss 

Lead by Pastor Rebecca and guests

Synopsis: We’re not okay. Truly hearing one another, let’s unpack what we’ve been carrying. It’s a lot! But we don’t need to share the same perspective, or even the same experiences, to build new bridges of community in love. Let’s learn how to talk together again.  


Session 2 | December 5

Sharing the Role of Leadership: “70 Elders” and Beyond  

Lead by All Pastors and other guests

Synopsis: Leadership is complicated, especially in times like this. Where are we going? How are we getting there? What are the barriers? What’s absolutely clear to us is just how important YOU are! Your daily example is already shaping community. So, let’s lead – with new intention, alignment, and together! 


November 21, 2021


10:40 am - 11:40 pm

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