Learning and Living God’s Word

There are many ways to listen to our Lord’s message. One is in worship as we read scripture and think about how its truths move through our lives and our experiences. For that, we offer full worship services each week. Another is by watching our weekly scripture readings and sermons right here.
Come join us in worship and in videos as we explore how God’s word enters and enriches our lives!

Weekly Sermons

The Other Side of Everything

Pastor Rebecca’s Sermon, Sunday, May 9
Easter Six

The Fanciful Impossibility of Encounter

Pastor Paul’s Sermon, Sunday, May 2
Easter Five

Shepherd-Shaped Sheep

Pastor Rebecca’s Sermon, Sunday, April 25
Easter Four

Seeing Each Other Again for the First Time

Pastor Paul’s Sermon, Sunday, April 18
Easter Three

We're All Connected

Pastor Ian’s Sermon, Sunday, April 11
Easter Two

Dot, Dot, Dot.

Pastor Paul’s Sermon, Sunday, April 4
Easter Sunday