Connecting People with Jesus and the New Life He Offers


Our mission at Connection Church is to connect people with Jesus and the New Life He offers. To accomplish that, we offer a variety of opportunities throughout the church, the community, and around the world. From children, to children at heart, our ministries continue to connect hundreds of people to each other for growth and support.


Each week, the children explore God’s word and begin to understand how to use scripture as a guide for their lives. They learn to worship God by the way they live, to share their faith with others and to turn to God in prayer. We hope you and your children will join us!


Youth Connection provides a welcoming, inclusive, and fun environment for teens. We offer a variety of activities for youth including, but not limited to, our quarterly outreach events, missions, and our regularly scheduled Sunday School and Youth Group programs.


Connection small groups have become one of the cornerstones of Connection Community Church over the past several years. We believe that being part of a small group is an important part of our spiritual growth. We have groups for men, women, young adults, couples, and families of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity that meet at various times and places during the week.