Pentecost Sunday Worship | New Worship Opportunities!

Scattered For the Sake of the Good News!

May 23 | 9:30 am

Christ is alive, and we are flung far and wide to share the good news! Now is the time of green growth and expansion. Filled with new hope, and broken open in love, we are sent out to sew new life wherever the surprising Spirit leads us.


New beginning this week!
  • In-Person Worship Capacity Expanded to 300!
  • Congregational Singing in Worship with Masks!


Join us in Outdoor Fellowship Following Worship!
  • Treats, including Coffee, Donuts, and Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
  • Live Music
  • A Special Pentecost Ritual during fellowship
  • Balloons for the children and the young at heart!
  • Permission to remove your mask outdoors


Wear Red to Celebrate the Holy Spirit!

Be there and see your friends in faith!
Be there for those who need your presence and love!
Be there to hear and sing the sounds of God’s praise!
Be there and receive the body and blood of Christ!
Play, pray, sing and laugh…we are God’s people together!


Join us for Pentecost worship in-person or online!

  • Click HERE to register for In-Person worship.
  • Click HERE to view worship online.


About Pentecost Sunday

This Sunday marks the third great festival of the Christians. In Acts 2, we hear the powerful story of the of the first disciples “all together in one place,” in Jerusalem for festival celebration and temple worship. And while they are gathered, the Holy Spirit enters the room like “the rush of a violent wind” filling everyone therein with the power of the Holy Spirit. The gathering included people from every nation in the known world, and as the Spirit is given, they speak to their people in their own languages about the “mighty deeds of God.”

God is Spirit, and God knits God’s Spirit into us. We are the Spirit of God let loose in the world, empowered to proclaim Jesus and enact the church in the world, living our faith and boldly following Jesus to meet people across divisions now broken down.


May 23, 2021


9:30 am - 10:30 am