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Music at Normandale

At Normandale music is central to our worship. Music is an expression of praise, prayer, contemplation, and reflection that connects us more deeply with each other and with God. Divine connection can be found in the alternating sounds and silence of music. Explore and participate in a choir or ensemble and share your gifts with us, or join us at one of our concerts.

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Children's Choirs

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Adult Music

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Center for the Arts & Spirituality (CAS)

Normandale Lutheran Church believes that nurturing the arts is an avenue for the growth of one's spiritual journey. Understanding that all gifts are given from God in Jesus Christ, we facilitate and encourage artistic expression.

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Organ Restoration Project

Joy for Generations | NLC Organ Restoration Project

Organ music sets the stage, moves our hearts, and leads us to sacred space. The remarkable qualities of the pipe organ reflect the immensity and magnificence of God’s love, allowing us to express our response to this love in song. The organ resonates with all our emotions -- from joy to sadness, contemplation to praise. It sustains and strengthens congregational singing, breathing life into every part of God’s story.

Joy for Generations - NLC Organ Restoration Project from Normandale Lutheran Church on Vimeo.

Our Instrument

The Story

Outstanding Qualities

• Built in 1970 by the renowned Schlicker Organ Company for a church in Florida.
• Purchased in 1999 by Normandale and brought here with the help of 40 members.
• Adapted, installed, and ready for leading worship one year later at Easter in 2000.
• Now shows extensive “wear and tear” after long years of service.
• Highly valued with current estimated replacement cost of $3.5 million.
• Bright & versatile instrument with majestic sound.
• Consists of more than 4,000 individual pipes, five divisions, 81 ranks or sets of pipes, four manuals, & a pedal board.
• Extremely well built, producing amazing sounds for 48 years, almost twice the average time needed before major renovations.

Corrections for Serious Problems

• Build a smaller, more versatile console which houses the inner works: new pistons & controls, stops, couplers, & keyboards.
• Remove fourth keyboard & reconfigure stops.
• Replace electrical system, including wiring & switching systems.
• Introduce solid state system to replace failing fiber optic system.
• Restore aging wind chests & replace slider motors.
• Repair antiphonal organ & console.
• Clean & adjust all 4,000 pipes!
• Voice the organ (modify its sound) to better lead congregational singing.
The list is long, but good stewardship concludes that it is most cost effective to make all renovations at the same time.


The Restoration

The restoration work will be carried out by the premier Dobson Pipe Organ Builders ( John Ferguson, our interim organist and consultant, will share his expertise and experience throughout the project.
Completing these renovations and adding several ranks of pipes will grant more tonal possibilities with fuller and richer capabilities, enhance the organ’s ability to accompany our choirs, enable it to interpret a wide range of musical styles, and lift the voices of the congregation in joyful song.
Our restored pipe organ will serve those worshiping at Normandale for generations to come! We will fall in love with the organ all over again!

How Can I Help?

• Learn more by attending an event
• Listen & reflect during worship
• Pray for the restoration project
• Support with your gift or pledge
• Join a crew to move pipes in the spring

Jack Swanson & Andy Jacob

Upcoming Events

Sept 9     Rally Sunday Picnic Activities
Sept 23   Sunday School Presentation
Oct 7      Adult Community Learning
Oct 14    Sunday School Presentation
Oct 21    Organ 101 Master Class
Oct 24    Confirmation & Youth Event
Oct 28    Organ focus in worship
Nov 14   Second Wednesday Program
Organ Restoration begins on Easter Monday April 22, 2019. Ready to sing again Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2019!
Committee members: Kirsten Jacob and Joanna Swanson, co-chairs. David Clarke, Steve Clay, Carl and Sherry Grimsby, Sarah Howard, Lon Koopmann, John Nibe, Kris Noble, Pastor Paul Pettersen, Kim Pinkham, Dorothy Scott, and Amanda Smith.
Interested in learning the basics of Pipe Organs? Read the American Guild of Organists' Young Person's Guide to the Organ>