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Memorial Services

The Memorial Service for June Sandell will be held Saturday, May 18 at Normandale. Visitation will be at 2:00pm with her service at 3:00pm. Reception to follow in Fellowship Hall. Blessed be her memory. Please join us in remembering her family in your prayers.

The Memorial Service for Jeannette Peterson will be held Saturday, June 15 at Normandale. Visitation will be at 9:30am with her service at 10:30am. Reception to follow in Fellowship Hall. Blessed be her memory. Please join us in remembering her family in your prayers.

NLC Call Committee 

Following the resignation of Pastor Charlie Ruud in June 2018, a Call Committee was formed to identify and recommend a candidate for the open Associate Pastor position at Normandale Lutheran Church (NLC).  The Committee was unanimous in recommending Ian McConnell for that role and thrilled with the response of the larger congregation.  We are blessed to have Ian join our pastoral team.

Given the close proximity of calling Ian to Pastor Dale Howard’s retirement announcement, the Council asked the Call Committee to continue its work in order to identify and recommend a candidate for the role of Pastor of Mission and Outreach.  The Call Committee has already started work, building on the foundation established during the prior call process.  The committee will continue to work with the Minneapolis Area Synod to obtain names of potential candidates and will also revisit candidates who were previously interviewed and who indicated a passion for Mission and Outreach.  

The Call Committee welcomes the input of all members of NLC.  The work of the Committee is ultimately for the members of NLC, so members' thoughts about the pastoral needs of the congregation are appreciated and valued.  You may contact any of the committee members directly or leave your comments with the church office.  There is also a Call Committee mailbox.

The members of the Call Committee are:  Karen Newcomer (Chair), Emily Allen, Randy Gullickson, Natalie Hunter, Matthew Klein, Jean Linne, and Tony Meixelsperger.  We all are honored to be a part of this important process in the life of NLC. 


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NLC Annual Meeting

NLC's Annual Meeting was held on January 27, 2019.

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