Lent 2019

Lent 2019

Come join us on the 40-day journey of Lent as we worship, learn, gather, and reflect. Learn more about our 5-week Lenten Adult Community Learning series and Wednesday Vesper themes and speakers, and read devotions for each week by clicking the links below.

adult community learning series | Worship and Devotion for A Lifetime

There are many practices that might define our daily life, until we reach the end and someone recalls it in a eulogy, but it seems that a life of worship and devotion just might be the most beautiful human endeavor of them all. Worship is a fortress against the battle within,  while devotion turns the heart from the inside to the out, inviting God’s presence to be our constant companion.
Join in this 5-week Adult Community Learning Series this Lent.


wednesday night lenten worship series | Meeting in the Wilderness

wednesdays, march 6 - april 10 | 7:00pm | sanctuary

Meeting in the Wilderness | Luke 4:1-14

Life is full of deception, most notably the self-deception of our streaming consciousness. Through our minds, all day long, run untrue thoughts about ourselves, others, and the circumstances in our lives. There are voices that haunt; perhaps from past trauma, perhaps from someone who instilled them in our heads, perhaps from our own meandering inclinations. Embark with us on this 40 day journey to Holy Week and Easter. Along the way with Jesus, we will confront the deceptions with the power of the Holy Spirit, trusting God to lead us out!

Join us in Wednesday evening worship this Lent.



weekly devotions | Meeting in the Wilderness

week of march 10 - week of april 7

Our 40-day journey through Lent will invite you into the radically honest conversation with self, temptation, and God, whereby we meet ourselves as we are, and subsequently welcome God's refining power to transform our temptations into strength.