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Wednesday Night @ NLC

Dinner is served in Fellowship Hall from 5:00-6:45 pm with home-style menus. All are welcome to attend.
Menu: BBQ Chicken/Mac & Cheese

Choir Rehearsals
4:45-5:45 | Boys’ Choir Rehearsal
5:30-6:30 | Youth Choir Rehearsal
6:00-7:00 | Girls’ Choir Rehearsal
6:30-8:00 | Normandale Choir Rehearsal

Children's Activities
5:15-8:00 | KFC

6:45-8:00 | Confirmation
8:00-9:00 | High School Hangout

Lutfisk Dinner

12:00 noon | Fellowship Hall

The Senior Committee sponsors this annual lutfisk dinner with all the traditional dishes. For those of you that only remember it as the lye-soaked smelly fish, there will be meatballs. Click below to reserve your spot! Sign-up deadline is Wed, Nov. 28. Cost: $23.

Sunday @ NLC

8:45 & 10:45 am | Worship. And gather for coffee and community throughout the morning.
10:00-10:40 am | Gather & Learn with Sunday Morning Programs
Adult Community Learning: Matthew: The Not So Wise Ones in Fellowship Hall
Donuts & Devotion: Calling all 7th-12th graders. Join us in the Fishbowl (Youth Room) for a donut and sharing together
ParentRest: Meet for good coffee and conversation in Rooms 212-213
ParentRest Littles: Parents of kids 2 and under meet in Studio A
5:00 pm | Chapel Worship