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Led by the Holy Spirit we are called to use our time, talent, and spiritual gifts to walk in deeper relationship. By God’s design, each of us can make their unique, personal contributions. The multiplied effect of an entire community serving together moved by the Holy Spirit is a radical, life-altering movement. We invite you to step forward and serve with us!

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Give an Hour:

An NLC Church Council Challenge!

Serve Others | Build Relationships | Be Connected

Give an HourNLC's Church Council challenges you to "Give an Hour"!

What is "Give an Hour"?
"Give an Hour" is a challenge to volunteer at something new for one hour every six months. Relationships and serving other is at the core of "Give an Hour," so we invite you to bring a friend with as well!

Why "Give an Hour"?
Our hope as a council is that this hour will have people be more aware of different activities and missions within NLC, connect and build new relationships, and most importantly, follow in the footsteps of Jesus by serving others.

We believe that it is God's design that each of us can make unique and personal contributions to our church community. When these contributions happen, it will have a multiplied effect on the entire community.

How do I start?
Click one of the links below or scroll down to "Serve Today" to get started on your first "Give an Hour" today! New adventures, relationships, and connections await!

Serve Today! 

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