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Serve With Us: Mission Peru

In addition to helping those nearest to us, we are called to serve others throughout our world. Walk together with us as we touch lives of children in Peru.

Interested in learning more? Please contact Pastor Rebecca Gamble to learn more at / 952.977.9353.


Huch’uy Runa, Peru

Normandale has cultivated a partnership with the community of Huch’uy Runa in the mountains of Peru. Huch’uy Runa, a school in the Andean tourist town of Cusco, provides holistic care to street children. Alumni Mission Team members continue to meet to discern our next steps with this school. We continue as a church with financial support to the school. A wide variety of skills are still needed to continue with this mission; specifically Spanish/English language translation, music education, and medical support. Those willing to learn along the way what their contribution may be are encouraged to walk with us as the project unfolds. The Peruvian Lutheran Church (ILEP) continues to support us and partner with us making this mission a reality.

Mission Exposure & Vision Trip | August 2017

Pastor Dale, Pastora Fran Schmidt, and several Normandale members embarked on a Mission Exposure and Vision Trip to Peru in August of 2017. They flew to Lima and spent several days visiting Lutheran churches and learning about their witness and challenges. They helped strengthen our already deep relationships with Pastora Ofelia, Pastora Adita, Pastor Pedro, and others, while supporting their ministries. They also flew to Cusco in the Andes to visit Huch’uy Runa, our partner school for Quechua children. There they spent several days learning from Señora Clara Santander about the context of the school while getting to know staff and students.

Read below for memories of NLC Members who traveled to Huch'uy Runa this past August:

Huch'uy Runa School Children 2017The kids at Huch‘uy Runa attend school, spending half their day in classes and half in workshops such as woodworking, metalworking, pottery, and baking to learn a trade. The teachers are so dedicated, and many take a pay cut to work at Huch‘uy Runa.  But these kids are homeless.  When they leave Huch‘uy Runa at the end of the school day, they go to extended or foster families who have very little themselves, but this keeps the children in their culture; a few sleep on cots at school.  Huch'uy Runa means “Important Little People” in their native language of Quechua, and these children most certainly are! 

- Kim Sannerud


Huch'uy Runa School Students 2017

I remember seeing the Huch‘uy Runa school children working in the woodshop on the tin can artwork with such skill and confidence in their abilities. It was amazing what the students were able to create at such a young age. They used no protective equipment (even on the bandsaw). I remember every adult in our group with mouths agape and held breaths as the ten year olds carefully moved their wood pieces around the loud, whirring blade. I remember the pride in the teachers eyes as the students followed the protocol and deftly maneuvered his wooden puzzle on the workbench.  The students respected the rules, were creative and full of joy... all while doing a task with the focus of someone years older. They were still children, but children with a purpose. They are children with a calling and a future. Visiting Huch‘uy Runa was an amazing experience and I feel so blessed to have witnessed the profound blessing this school has on so many children.

- Becky Ruud

Huch'uy Runa Music Education Trip |  May 19-31, 2014

In May 2014, a team of Normandalers traveled to Cusco, Peru to work with staff and students at Huch'uy Runa. As they fostered and deepened relationships, they used music to develop cross-cultural skills, helped to develop basic choral and instrumental skills, and enabled Huch'uy Runa staff to continue our instruction while adapting it to their skills, culture and understanding. Read Team Member Ben Kilberg's blog to see the trip in action!