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We’re so glad you’ve found us! We welcome you to join us as we walk in relationship with Jesus Christ and each other.

Worship Times

Gather with us for worship, fellowship, and learning on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.
Bring your children. Come as you are. All are welcome here!

September 15, 2019 through May 10, 2020
8:30 & 10:45 am  |  Worship 
9:40-10:30 am  |  Coffee Fellowship, Faith Formation, & Sunday School - including youth programming, adult faith formation, and parent discussion groups

May 17 through September 6 | Summer Worship 2020
9:30 am  |  Worship
10:30 am  |  Coffee & fellowship in the Fireside Room, adjacent to the sanctuary

Summer Wednesday Evening Worship 2020
6:30 pm  |  June 10 - August 19  |  Outdoor Worship on the west parking lot

Need help finding Normandale?

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At Normandale

We worship and celebrate together. We learn and share with each other. We love and serve others.

You will find a place where

  • You are welcome and will be blessed
  • You can belong
  • You can love, learn, worship, and serve

You will find a place where 

  • The Word of God is central to our belief 
  • Jesus Christ is our Savior
  • The Holy Spirit is working among us

You will find a place where

  • Personal discernment, spiritual practices, and faith markers in our lives are honored and taught
  • Relevant sermons and vibrant traditional worship come together
  • Our church family values every stage of life and intergenerational relationships with children and youth are recognized as a most valuable gift
  • Outreach and walking with others is a core expression of our love in the world

We’re so glad you’re here!


Our Mission

Led by the Holy Spirit and living in God’s grace, Normandale Lutheran Church is a community proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through love, learning, worship, and service.

Normandale Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation.

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Nights at Normandale are a time to gather and be together. Join us for a community meal, choirs, and youth programs during the school year.
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