A Place for Families. A Place for Children.

By Caitlin Everett, Normandale Member

Normandale Lutheran Church is the cornerstone of our faith journey, not only for my husband and I, but for our two daughters as well.   Audrey is six and Victoria is two and both have been greatly blessed by the many gifts that Normandale has given them.

When we were looking for a new church home four years ago, finding a church that had a preschool and strong children’s ministry program were crucial for us. We knew we wanted to raise our children in a very strong community of faith.  We were and still are very impressed with the many programs Normandale Lutheran Church has to offer our daughters at the many stages of their faith journey.  Programs that are made possible only by the gifts the congregation has given.

Audrey has been very blessed by Normandale Preschool, Sunday School, Faith Markers, Kids Night Out, Vacation Bible School, Christmas programs, the Normandale House Holiday Party and most recently has added Cherub Choir to her very full church life.  Because of all of these programs, Audrey is creating, learning, and strengthening her relationship with God.  For her, Normandale means a place of community and friendship. She is so excited to come to church and feels welcome here.

Victoria is currently enrolled in the amazing Blessing Place program, Toddler Sunday School and Kids Night Out.  She goes to Blessing Place three days a week and loves every minute.  We know she will continue to be loved and supported every step of the way as she grows up in the Normandale community.

As parents we are so comforted by the fact that we are able to give our children the foundation for their faith journey through Normandale’s amazing programming.  Because of your gifts.

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