Lillian's Story of Strength, Healing & Wholeness. Because of your gifts.

"Lillian" was experiencing health issues that sometimes limited her mobility.  She wasn’t getting out of her home as much as she used to and stayed in due to concerns of falling.  Having had previous experience with The Center for Healing & Wholeness volunteer and transportation programs, she dropped in one day to ask about durable medical equipment.  Through conversation, the Health & Wellness Coordinator learned of Lillian’s mobility issues and how she was not getting out of her home as much as she would like.  Lillian had a cane but didn’t use it faithfully and did not feel she would use a walker.  To improve her strength, we encouraged her to try the home-based “Healthy Moves” exercise program.

Ready to start the program, our Health & Wellness Coordinator, along a trained volunteer coach, met Lillian at her home, explained the overall program, assessed her abilities and taught her the exercises she would do.  Lillian wasn’t feeling very optimistic that she would see any improvement, but agreed to participate as planned.  Along the way, the volunteer coach routinely called Lillian to see how she was doing, provide encouragement and brainstorm about any obstacles. 

At the end of the program, the Health & Wellness Coordinator returned to Lillian’s home and found that she had improved on all of the exercises she had been given.  Lillian was pleased to report that she could feel some difference in the strength of her legs.  The smile on her face said it all and she raved about the program, asking what else we had available for her at The Center.  After discussing our other programs, she decided that her next step would be enrolling in the “Matter of Balance” class.  A week later she was registered and ready to go.

Lillian took the “Matter of Balance” class. During the group discussions she shared what had worked for her—feeling glad she could encourage others.  She now has a renewed sense of confidence in making decisions in a positive way and is more proactive about putting safety measures into place.  Lillian now uses a walker with a seat attached as a way to help her get out more.  She is physically stronger, getting out of her home and enjoying life.

The newly gained strength and the smile on her face said it all.  Because of your gifts.

Because of your gifts, many seniors in our community can age in safety, with confidence and joy. 

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