Homeless. Tenant. Homeowner. I am Tina.

I am Tina - Normandale Lutheran ChurchFrom age seven, Tina was responsible for transporting her siblings to and from daycare on the city bus before her own school day began. She felt first-hand the impact of her hardworking parents’ absence. As an adult, Tina made it a priority to be present for her four boys. Unfortunately, this left the family dependent on her husband, and eventually homeless. While displaced, Tina decided to never again rely on him for financial stability. When she discovered that Normandale House’s 24-month transitional housing ministry offered rent for $200 a month, she knew that, independently, she could walk her family through that door.

“God kept lining things up for me as I sought to be obedient to Him,” Tina said. Having found housing she could afford, Tina started working at a law firm. Then, because of Urban Homeworks’ partnership with Normandale, she was able to move from transitional housing into rental housing for $600 a month.

As Tina’s confidence and self-awareness grew, it became apparent to her that her husband’s lifestyle was bringing the family down. She’d been working hard to build her savings and credit; through PROJECT: Reclaim, Tina found the courage to walk away from him and through this door leading to homeownership.

As the closing date approached, her ex-husband returned, begging the family to move with him. Tina was torn, but realized that this house represented something bigger. She could walk back into a cycle of emotional dependency and instability or embrace an ever-broadening path of hope and self-sufficiency.

Last February, she and her boys moved into their new home. “Life isn’t perfect for us, but we’re kind of on a smooth road right now…I didn’t know this was something we could have…I’m telling everyone.” At her housewarming party, she set out Urban Homeworks housing applications. Tina is determined to perpetuate hope by sharing her story and moving toward her dreams.

Because of your gifts.

At Normandale we are able to go forth and do good works, because of your gifts.  We reach those in our church family, our community, and our world, because of your gifts.  We serve the smallest among us to our elders with love and compassion, because of your gifts.  Because of your gifts, we can follow in His footsteps and touch the lives of others.  Please give with us, as we respond with generosity to all that God has first given us.  Because of your gifts, God is changing the world in Jesus’ name.

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